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LaTeX Therefore package

Tired of needing to come up with synonyms for ‘Therefore,’ in your mathematical writing? Ponder no longer! This LaTeX package provides a macro to carefully select one of a multitude of choices.

This project was inspired by this thread, particularly

lucasvb: Someone should collect these into a macro.
    perpetual_motion: We need a command that would just insert one at random.
Proof that √2 is irrational
As an example, here is a proof that √2 is irrational

Using the package is easy. Download the file therefore.sty. In the preamble of your LaTeX document, enter


Wherever you would otherwise laboriously choose a synonym for ‘Therefore’, simply type

\Therefore there are an infinite number of primes.

Available Synonyms

  • Therefore,
  • Hence,
  • So,
  • It is trivial that
  • Clearly,
  • Behold!
  • Ergo,
  • And verily it goes that
  • Thus,
  • By logical extension,
  • And verily,
  • It is the will of the Gods that
  • We find
  • It can be shown that
  • It transpires that
  • As an exercise, prove that
  • Wherefore said He unto them,
  • As must be obvious to even the meanest intellect,
  • The power of logic reveals the conclusion that
  • This implies
  • As Gauss proved,
  • As Euler proved,
  • And it was handed down from the heavens that
  • It pleases the symmetry of the world that
  • Consequently,
  • Accordingly,
  • For this reason,
  • If there is any justice in the world,